RF Card Industry Prepaid Water Meter

RF Card Industry Prepaid Water Meter

Basic Info.

Nominal Diameter:50-100mm
Principle:Speed of Water Meter
Level Measurement:B
Work Environment:Liquid Sealed Water Meter
Medium Pressure:General Water Meter
Counter Instructions:Digital
Medium Temperature:Cold Water
Export Markets:South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

Additional Info.

Standard:ISO4064, EN14154
HS Code:9028201000
Production Capacity:100, 000 PCS/Year

Product Description

1. General 
WD-SDC type DN50 to DN400 RF Card industry prepaid water meter is realizing the prepaid function through the application of Radio Frequency technology and the smart management system, it provides a perfect solution for the Water Authority. The smart module features in accuracy and stabilities. 
The prepaid water meter is in compliance with ISO4064, EN14154 etc. International standards. 

2. Functions 
2.1 Processing Management 
1) Total Use Data Statistics 
The prepaid water meter will accumulate the total consumption automatically. 
2) Meter Recharge 
User can recharge the RF card in Water Authority Office, and put the RF card in the sensitive area of water meter, the backlit of the LCD will be waken up and LCD display CD03, at the same time the buzzer ring, recharging meter finish. 
3) Stock Limitation 
The stock limitation of the water meter could be set through the user card, the total value refer to the sum of current purchasing value and the stock in the water. 
4) Warning Value 
When the Water Credit equals to the Warning Value, the valve will be closed. The meter valve can be activated by user card and continue to use until the balance to zero. 
5) Overdraft Value 
If the overdraft value is set in the system, the meter can continue working until the overdraft value is finished. The user can open the valve by user card when the warning value reached. 
6) Parameters Setting 
The parameters of the meters such as warning value, stock limitation etc. Can be set through the initialization card or user card. 
2.2 Anti Magnetic Field 
The meter valve will be automatically closed when the meter is interrupted by the external magnetic field. The user card can active the meter. 
2.3 Battery 
When the battery capacity is 80% of the initial value, the meter valve will be closed, reminding user to replace the battery, and the user must replace the battery. Meter can be activated by user card. 
When the battery used up, the meter valve will be closed and LCD display EC01, the data of the water meter will be saved to the FLASH. 
2.4 Warning 
When user has operations such as replacing the battery, recharging the meters, or the event like external magnetic influence happens, the LED, Buzzer and LCD will be working properly, the LCD display information can refer to 5.2. 
User Card can transfer battery voltage, magnetic interfering times etc. Information to the management system, for providing the evidence to judging meter running status. 

3. Modules Introduction 
3.1 Tool Cards 
3.1.1 Key Modification Card 
Use to modify the ROOT key of DES encryption. 
3.1.2 Initialization Card 
Use to initialize the user information in the meter. Such as Presetting Water Value, Warning value, Overdraft Value, Stock Limitation etc. Information and Warning Events will be formatted. 
3.1.3 User Card 
Use to purchase water, and set water meter parameters such as Warning Value, Stock Limitation and Overdraft Value etc. 
Water Authority operators can check the error information and meter status information through the user card. 
3.1.4 Check Card 
Operators can check the meter status and parameters through the check card, such as meter No., user No., Total Purchase, Total Use, Low Voltage times, Magnetic Influence Times, Battery Voltage etc. 
3.2 LCD 
3.2.1 LCD Full Screen 
1) Function Code: Indicate the displaying content. 
2) Warning Sign: If the meter is displaying error information or warning information, the warning sign is displayed. 
3) Valve Status: If the valve is closed, then the sign of Tap glitter, and water dripping disappeared. If the valve is opening, the Tap is displayed and water dripping glitter. 
4) Battery Status: If the battery is almost used up, the sign of battery will be displayed. 
5) If water balance is less then Warning value the sign of Purchase is glitter.