Who is LAISON ?

Please visit LAISON Group website for more info.: www.laisongroup.com  

LAISON is a company focus on smart water metering & gas metering, the product series include RFID cardSTS prepaid water meters, split STS prepaid water meter with CIU, reserved with AMI functions, also with the complete remote charging solution,like smart phone App, Mobile vending POS machine etc. 

Remote charging system is basing on Mobile payment system like M-PESA, TNM, MTN, Airtel, Tigo Pesa etc. for STS prepaid water meters, or NFC technology based solution for RFID Card meters. Both STS vending system and STS Prepaid Water meters are certified by STSA.

Now LAISON is the most experienced prepaid water meters company from China and also the biggest exporter of prepaid water meters, with AMI/AMR options also.

LAISON Split STS Prepaid water meters system



Laison Smart Water Meter System is self developed smart meter management system with lots of technical innovations.It includes the LAISON Series Prepaid Water Meter, such as LXSZ(I), LXSZ(II), LXSIC Series and LAISON PREPAYMENT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ( LAPIS) C/S or B/S System, means LAPIS Server & LAPIS Client. The LAPIS can integrate LXSZ series liquid sealed type prepaid water meter, LXSIC Dry/Wet type series smart meters, and it is suitable for single and stepped price system, with the Friendly Period Management, Billng Data Setting etc. functions.

The smart meter system configures with the Serial Port, or USB Port RF Contactless Card reader,and Philip S50, or S70 RF Card,which assures the stabilities of the system. The following part is introduction of the components of the whole system.





1.1 LAPIS System 

For the purpose of servicing different customers,LAPIS System is designed based on B/S, and C/S Structure.

It adopts SQL series Server as the Database, options including SQL 2000 to SQL 2012.

It supports the Prepaid water meter calculated by water volume or by monetary amount. The LAPIS has the basic functions like Customer Registration,Water Sales,Sales Report Statistic etc. and the additionally functions like Water Price Management,Holiday Management,Monthly Frozen Data Management etc which is significantly different with other systems.


1.2 RF Card Reader

Now,the LAPIS system ismainly  work with Non-drive USB series RF Card Reader,convenient and stable in running.It is also suitable for 32 bits or 64 bits Windows XP, Windows Vista,and Windows 7 etc. The working frequency is 13.56MHz; and R/W speed is 106kbps.



1.3 RF Card

The default RF card is M1 (Mifare Standard 1K) S50 Card, working frequency is 13.56MHz ,the memory size is 768 Bytes.and working distance is around 30mm.Also,it can be extended to 4K Card (M1 S70 Card)


1.4 Smart water Meters

The main type water meter includes LXSZ series (DN15,DN20) liquid sealed water meter, LXSIC series (DN15,DN20,DN25) Dry or Wet type water meter.

LXSZ series prepaid water meter have the fashion style,dial pannel is clear for reading and easy maintenance on battery etc. characters. The meter is suitable for the area has good installation environment.

LXSIC series prepaid water meter have IP68, Class C, Button display functions etc..It is suitable for the area with the high moisture. It can be installed anywhere as you want.

For more detials please visit the product details, or contact with LAISON team for brochures or PPT presenations.